The 3D Printing Association – Work in Progress

Welcome to The 3D Printing Association, 3DPA. Our aim is to advance the additive manufacturing industry in Europe. The association recently moved from its previous headquarters in the USA, UK, and Spain to The Hague, Netherlands. 3DPA is currently managed by Lejeune Association Management.

This is a temporary website. Our office is working hard to transfer the existing accounts and corresponding documentation into the new organisational framework. At the same time, steps are being taken to establish a new legal entity in The Netherlands and recruit volunteer and professional leaders to drive this B2B association.

We plan to complete the transition soon and will keep you informed about progress (follow @3DPrintAssoc on twitter) and look forward to welcome you at the upcoming industry events mentioned elsewhere on this website.

On behalf of the 3DPA Inaugural Board and Management Team

Jules Lejeune

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A4 V1 Flat to print - without cropmarks

Share your vision! What are the priorities for the future of the 3DP / AM industry?

The 3D Printing Association aims to be a member driven association.…
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